National Workshop in Introducing Multiple Perspective Approaches to Biodiversity 26-28 August, 2013

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Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO (KNIU), Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with UNESCO Jakarta organized a National Workshop in "Introducing Multiple Perspective Approaches to Biodiversity" to socialize education in the teaching of Biodiversity using multiple perspective approaches. The workshop was participated by the teachers from 30 schools all over Indonesia which are members of the UNESCO Associated School Project Network.The main idea of the Workshop is to introduce the eight perspectives of multiple approaches to Biodiversity consists of Scientific Perspective, Historical Perspective, Geographic Perspective, Human Rights Perspective, Gender Equality Perspective, Values Perspective, Cultural Diversity Perspective and Sustainability Perspective.

The Workshop was held at Park Hotel in Cawang, Jakarta on 26 August 2013. At the opening ceremony the ASPNet Coordinator, Ms.Hasnah Gasim, explained  that the  workshop will take place for three days from August 26 to 28, 2013. The participants will learn a variety of subjects under ESD from the experts. For example, the eight perspectives multiple approaches to Biodiversity from Mr. Bernard Combes from UNESCO Paris, the Education for Sustainable Development from Mr. Torvald Jacobsson from University of Lund, Sweden, and Climate Change Education from Mr. Andrio from UNESCO Office Jakarta.

In the abscent of the Vice Minister of Education, the workshop was opened officially by Mr. Arief Rachman, the Executive Chairman, Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Arief Rachman said that the school member of UNESCO ASPNet has reached 9000 schools all over the world and 150 schools in Indonesia. He also stated that various  trainings  and workshops were provided to ASPNet teachers in order these teachers could provide in-service to other teachers on the training materials received.He then read the remark from the  Vice Minister of  Education and Culture, Mr. Musliar Kasim, which stated that Indonesia has a rich biodiversity. Therefore, Indonesia needs to preserve this Biodiversity especially through education. This workshop is expected to provide the knowledge, abilities, and skills to the teachers in order they could integrate values and ethics in education program for biodiversity conservation as well as how to reduce the loss of biodiversity through the Climate Change Education.