Introduction to UNESCO ASPnet Indonesia

UNESCO is the only UN agency that aims to build peace through its five Sectors: Education, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Culture, and Information and Communication. In order to achieve peace UNESCO established UNESCO ASPnet as a a vehicle to experiment projects contributing to aculture of peace through its four inter-related themes in the implementation of its program activities:

  • World Problems and the Role of the United Nations
  • Peace and Human Rights
  • Intercultural Learning, and
  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

The main objective of UNESCO ASPNet program is to build a culture of peace at the level of the school and the community, national and international level through program activities shared by students guided by teachers and parents. UNESCO has developed Best Practices and learning materials on Human Rights Education, Biodiversity, Climate Change Education which can be downloaded from UNESCO website

This website was created in order to provide information about program UNESCO ASPNet (UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network) in Indonesia for schools that joined the ASPNet or for schools which will join this program.We also provides a manual/guideline for ASPnet Indonesia in the development of its program activities.In this regard, it is expected that school principals and teachers who have been members of ASPNET can use this manual in the implementation of its the program activities.

The role of the school principals, teachers in ASPnet activities are important because they are expected to form a new generation of good characters who have an extensive knowledge and has the vision and mission to work hard.

I hope this website can be useful to UNESCO ASPnet schools in the promotion of a culture of peace in Indonesia.

Thank you.


Hasnah Gasim

National Coordinator

UNESCO ASPNet Indonesia


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